Proven Results and Looking Forward to Accomplishing More

As our neighbor, Doug Anestad has spent countless hours working to make T/E schools stronger for our children and to protect our community’s interests.  As our School Board member, he will build on his record of success to do even more.

What Doug Has Accomplished As Our Neighbor…

  • Saved taxpayers millions of dollars by helping stop a wasteful in-school camera project
  • Improved student education by working to implement technology education in middle schools
  • Protected our community by working for the compromise on the fences at Valley Forge Middle School
  • Ensured strong representation for our Region 2 residents by pushing for the redistricting of school board regions
  • Attended more than 100 T/E School Board and committee meetings to learn the issues and be a strong voice for residents

What Doug Will Do As Our School Board member…

  • Promote fiscal responsibility by spending money where it matters most: in the classroom
  • Build upon T/E’s outstanding education by modernizing curriculum to focus on the basics as well as the technology skills needed in today’s world
  • Protect our children by reviewing and updating all school district procedures
  • Increase community involvement in our schools through increased transparency and cooperation with residents