Doug Anestad has a unique professional and community background that will help him better work for students and taxpayers – and be a better representative of our concerns – as a member of our School Board.

As a successful technology manager for 17 years, Doug has real-world experience at overseeing budgets, managing personnel, and implementing modern technology to make organizations better.  On our School Board, he will use these proven skills to focus spending on student achievement, protect taxpayers, and make certain T/E remains on the cutting edge of educational innovation.

Doug left his successful technology career to become a Philadelphia public school teacher who spent 10 years in the classroom educating middle and high school children.  He believes strongly that a quality education is key to a successful future for our children.  He personally knows the challenges teachers face and respects the perspective they bring to the educational process.

Most importantly, Doug is like most of us.  Doug and his wife, Marianne, are 17 year homeowners in Tredyffrin who are concerned over ever-rising property taxes. They are the parents of two teenage children in our T/E public schools and are actively involved in their education. Doug is an active and engaged volunteer who works side-by-side with his neighbors to make our community a better place.