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Facts Matter in a School Board Election

I have heard from many local residents who are concerned with the facts about Kyle Boyer and his inability to serve on TE School Board if elected. They were particularly confused because Mr. Boyer has yet to honestly answer questions after having already broken the promise he made to resign in time to comply with all state laws. With this in mind, here are the facts.

FACT: PA Public School Code of 1949, Article XI (c), Section 1121 REQUIRES all public school teachers to provide 60 days notice when resigning. Mr. Boyer has yet to tender a resignation.

FACT: TE School District Policy 4470 also REQUIRES that T/E teachers provide 60 days notice when resigning. Mr. Boyer has yet to tender a resignation.

FACT: The contract Mr. Boyer signed with T/E School District further REQUIRES him to provide 60 days notice when resigning. Mr. Boyer has yet to tender a resignation.

If the law, policy and contract are followed, Mr. Boyer cannot resign with enough notice to be sworn in as a school board member.

FACT: PA Public School Code of 1949, Article III, Section 322 states that when when this happens, it will be up to just 8 members of the school board – most of whom do not represent or live in Region 2 – to select our school board member. That is not fair and it could have been avoided had Mr. Boyer simply kept his word in the first place and resigned with 60 days before the new school board gets sworn in.

I hope this information clears up any confusion that people may have, and I hope to earn your vote for School Board on Tuesday, November 7th. Thank you!

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Running for School Board is another step in Doug’s commitment to making T/E School District better for our students and taxpayers.

As a community member, Doug has spent countless hours over the past 3 years attending more than 100 School Board and committee meetings being actively engaged to learn the issues and be a strong voice for you.

Through his dedication and hard work Doug has worked to bring together members of our community and the School Board to reach solutions on issues that matter to you.

Doug has taken the time to listen and learn – from residents about their concerns over rising taxes, from parents worried about their children’s future, from school board members about the challenges T/E faces, and from teachers and education experts about new ideas in delivering a strong education for every one of our children.

Now Doug wants to put all that he has learned – along with his own professional background in both education and industry – to work as your school board member here in Region 2.  Doug knows that by working together, we can make the T/E School District even better.

Thank you for your interest, and please contact Doug if you have any questions. You can follow Doug’s T/E School Board Facebook page www.facebook.com/DougAnestadTESD or email him at doug@anestad.com.

We truly appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 7th!