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Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Unassigned Precincts
195Easttown 12,481
198Easttown 22,006
201Easttown 31,478
204Easttown 41,100
207Easttown 51,175
210Easttown 6797
213Easttown 71,436
585Tredyffrin East 12,811
590Tredyffrin East 21,258
595Tredyffrin East 3943
600Tredyffrin East 41,230
605Tredyffrin East 52,389
614Tredyffrin Mid 1832
615Tredyffrin Mid 21,693
616Tredyffrin Mid 31,203
617Tredyffrin Mid 42,164
618Tredyffrin Mid 51,172
619Tredyffrin Mid 61,538
620Tredyffrin Mid 7659
630Tredyffrin West 12,269
635Tredyffrin West 23,275
640Tredyffrin West 31,153
645Tredyffrin West 41,178
647Tredyffrin West 53,569
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New developments used in populations:
Broke Ground:  TW2:Village Square(68)   TW5:Chesterbrook V(316)  
Approved (or close):  TW4:Grey Court(30)   E7:Devon Yard(211)   TM3:Wayne Glen(248)  
Longer Term:  TW1:Atwater(750)  

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The Generated Plans are all plans that have less than 2% Maximum Deviation with the developments specified in the plan name.